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DOODLES BECAUSE I haven’t been in the mood to draw lately, and I feel bad for not drawing people things but I’m just not in the mood and WEH

SO HERE ARE A FEW DOODLES. I’ll prolly post more doodles for other people later (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, ESME DARLING.)

Zan- Used to be called Zan Uchiha… so I figured Sasuke calls Naruto DOBE a lot so yeah. Wehehehehe
MY FAVORITE NARUTO CHARACTER HAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE IRUKA SENSEI. Without him the show would’ve ended the 1st episode soooo yeah.
Also- hot yaoi sex.
That’s all. -stares-

HINAUCHI/SAMM/RENA/LESBIANS!!!- Always accused of FUCKING EVERY FRIEND OF HERS THAT MOVES. No lie. She’s like, the biggest pimp I’ve ever known wow I wish I could get that much pussy -jeleous- ;_;

SAMMU- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I’m sorry it’s just a doodle!!!!!! Especially after you doodled me that adorbs picture wuwuwuwuwuh your doodles surpass mine. I’m so ashamed.
I’m confused about your sexuality, but I remember reading you’re gay so HERE HAVE SOME PEN0R. I like to pretend your tail is a penis.
you’re sucking on your own penis.
haha… wow… I’m weird.

So none of you take offense to this it’s all just for fuuuunnnn weeeh.
One day I’ll do something decent for you all BUT FOR NOW NOPES.


-creeps away-